May 2023 Porch Talk

The African American Heritage Society of Williamson County will be presenting its next Porch Talk Event on

Monday, May 13th

The Hayes House at The Park @ Harlinsdale Farm

6:00 p.m.

The African American Heritage Society of Williamson County will be kicking off its series of history and educational talks for this year, on Monday, May 13th,  @ the Hayes House at The Park @ Harlinsdale Farm, at 6:00 p.m. Jesse Dotson, owner of Dotson Bros. Farm and Stables, with his son Jaron, are trainers of Tennessee Walking Horses and will be telling their story and talking “horse sense” a subject very familiar to the family. The Dotson family has created a great legacy here in Williamson County and AAHS is excited and honored to have the family share their story, their history with the Tennessee Walking Horse Industry and history on their Williamson County Farm. The family has owned a farm in Williamson County in the Thompson Station community since 1889.

The Dotson/s family’s history begins in the late 1800’s. Jesse’s great-grandfather, Benny Dotson,  was formerly enslaved but after becoming a free man, he wanted to buy a farm. Though he had struggles, just as many others during that time, he became a landowner and farmer. The next generation continued the legacy as the family maintained their status as successful farmers. Jesse Dotson Jr.’s uncle and father, Luther James Dotson and Jesse Dotson Sr. were recognized and praised in the 1973 “Ebony Magazine” insert, reflecting on their family-operated farming and land ownership in Williamson County.

Jesse’s family has always owned and worked mules and horses, but their favorite has always been the Tennessee Walking Horse. They have produced many winners over the years. The family’s amazing story was featured in the Shelbyville Times-Gazette by journalist Dawn Hankins, who has given permission to share her featured article. Visit website of Shelbyville  Times-Gazette for the complete story. There is so much rich history here and the Dotson family legacy is a profound story that AAHS is eager to have the family personally share with the community. The public is invited. Seating is limited so attendees are encouraged to bring their lawn chairs. Take the North entrance to the Hayes House that goes by the Harlinsdale Dog Park.

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